Performance Sport

The sports city of Dusseldorf promotes elite sport. In 2011 Dusseldorf was appointed as NRW performance sports center as the first city in addition to the locations of the Olympic training centers in North Rhine-Westphalia. A comprehensive promotion system supports the development of sporting excellence at all levels.

Stockheim Team Rio

Stockheim Team Rio
Overlooking the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, the sports city of Dusseldorf has set itself to the task of supporting their top athletes on the way to the world’s biggest sporting event. Therefore, a separate team was put together for the Olympic Games for the third time – the Stockheim Team Rio. Under this name selected athletes from club in the state capital receive targeted support for their athletic training. This allows top athletes an optimal preparation. With the help of the funding, training camps are funded, medical assistance ensured and assistance with contracts with sponsors offered. The Dusseldorf athletes should be able to focus primarily on the sport – and succeed.

Stiftung Pro Sport Düsseldorf

Junior Elite Team
The sports city of Dusseldorf already promotes the stars of tomorrow and beyond. The Foundation Pro Sport Dusseldorf supports sporting excellence of Dusseldorf young talent with various funding.

Financial Support for Centers of Excellence

The promotion of qualified personnel is at the forefront of considerations. The creation of full-time trainer positions is of particular importance in performance sport. In 2012 the Sport Committee of the Council decided upon the funding of activities through 2016.

Basis for the Selection of Sports and Funding Head:

  • Current performance level of sport in Dusseldorf
  • Potential for possible development in the Olympic cycle
  • Existing infrastructure (equipment with necessary sports venues)
  • Potential synergy effects by top sporting events in Dusseldorf

By 2016, an annual 340,000 euros of funding will be available. This is followed by a review and level of support for the next Olympic cycle.

Competitive Sports Controlling: A systematic reporting system is laid down in the performance agreements.

  • Evidence of the use of funds
  • Property Report on the sporting development in the reporting period (calendar year)
  • Overview of the employed revenue staff (trainer)
  • Overview of the number and status of team athletes and achieved success in national and international championships

The reports in the eligibility period are the basis for the assessment of performance status and potential of sport as well as the basis for eligibility in the next Olympic cycle.

Learn more: State capital Dusseldorf – Sports Department Knut Diehlmann phone: +49 211 8995025 E-mail: knut.diehlmann [at]

Promotion of Dual Careers for Athletes

Athletes, who are active in professional sports, need the best possible support during their sporting career in order to reconcile the requirement in school, education and work with the stresses of sport. Numerous partners support the Dusseldorf performance sport for a successful design of the dual career. The Center of Competitive Sports of the Sports City Federation Dusseldorf is responsible for the coordination of a considerable numbers of funding offers.

Infos and contact: City Sports Federation, Meinolf Grundmann, phone: +49 211 2005 – 4460, E-mail: meinolf.grundmann [at]

School and Performance Sport

Athletic success must not come at the expense of academic performance. The network of sport-friendly schools in Dusseldorf supports the dual career.


Sports School NRW
The Dusseldorf Lessing High School was appointed as NRW Sports School as the first school in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2007. NRW sports schools should offer a new quality performance-oriented sport for all students in accordance to the frameworks of the federal state NRW, while ensuring the promotion of athletic gifted students. The NRW Sport School creates optimal organizational frameworks for a large number of squad athletes. Together with the Hulda-Pankok Comprehensive School the Lessing High School was recognized as an elite school of soccer from the German Football Association in 2014.


Sport and Health Friendly Secondary School
Since 2011, the Freiherr-vom-Stein Secondary School implements its athletics-focused profile and promotes athletically gifted children in separate sports classes.

Dual Career to Study and Career
At the stage of top athletic performance, individual support is particularly important. Business- and science-oriented Dusseldorf offers the top-class sports a tailored framework of support.


Athletic Scholarships in the US
Scholarships in the US Sports scholarships from universities in the United States offer the possibility to combine performance-oriented sports and an academically challenging education. Scholarbook advises and supports athletes who wish to continue their athletic and professional career in the United States.

The Heinrich-Heine-University of Dusseldorf  and Dusseldorf University of Applied Sciences offer top athletes facilitated access and individual support in their studies. Members of the national squad of a Sports Federation or the German Olympic Sports Confederation of at least one year within the last three years prior to acquisition of the university entrance may make a special application as top athletes.

Vocational Training, Internships, Part-time Jobs
Dusseldorf-based companies offer young hard-working athletes a compound of sporting success with vocational training and open up perspectives for the period after sports career. The coordination of the offers is handled by the service Center of Competitive Sports of the City Sports Federation.

Info and contact: City Sports Federation, Meinolf Grundmann, phone: +49 211 2005 – 4460, E-mail:

LVR Business School Dusseldorf
The LVR business college Dusseldorf supports top athletes with and without disabilities in their professional development in educational and social professions.

Dual Career in North Rhine-Westphalia
NRW offers a comprehensive range to promote dual career of young athletes. These includes the NRW Sports Schools and partner schools of competitive sports in the country, access facilitations and sports-friendly design of the studies at the universities, training and employment opportunities in the public service, in the army, the police and in the economy. The Sports Ministry has created a guide for a successful school/vocational and athletic career.

Medical Care

The avoidance of injury and quick recovery are crucial for sporting success. A network of partners supports the Dusseldorf top-level sport:

Medical Acute Care of Members of the National and the Country Squad
In an acute injury case, the St. Vinzenz Hospital Dusseldorf is a single point in collaboration with the city sports federation Dusseldorf.

Physiotherapy Offers for Athletes of the National Squad
physiodo at Sportwerk Dusseldorf is a partner of the Olympic base Rhine-Ruhr.

In Community Practice Königsallee, a highly professional team of doctors from the fields of orthopedics, neurosurgery and radiology take care of the recovery of athletes with modern and innovate treatments.

Premium Eyes – Eye Laser
The Breyer, Kaymak & Klabe Eye Surgery next to the Dusseldorf Shadow Arcades belongs to the top addresses for minimally invasive eye surgery, laser treatment and innovative outpatient eye surgery.

Sports Therapy Vetere
The team of “Sports Therapy Vetere” has created at over 300m² in Dusseldorf one of the most advanced physiotherapy centers in Germany and offers the patients in exclusively equipped, modern premises a unique setting for an undisturbed, relaxed and successful treatment time.

Athlete Awards

The state capital honors outstanding sporting achievements of athletes from the Dusseldorf clubs with an annual reception of the Mayor at City Hall. This includes:

  • Achievements in the open classes an youth classes in Olympic sports
    • Participation in the Olympic and Paralympic Games
    • Front placement at World and European Championships
    • German League Title and German Cup winners
  • Achievements in seniors classes in Olympic sports
    • Front placement at World and European Championships
    • German League Title and German Cup winners
  • Achievements in non-Olympic sports (open class, juniors, seniors)
    • Medal Win at World and European Championships
    • European Cup Champions
    • German League Title and German Cup winners

The invitation to the athletes to the ceremony is based on a notification by the respective club to the Sports Office. The ceremony criteria are determined by the Sport Committee of the Council.

In addition to the successful athletes, the Mayor annually awards ten officials from Dusseldorf sports clubs for their many years of special merits in Dusseldorf sports.

Sports for Everyone

Sport and Inclusion
The participation of people with disabilities is an important issue at the Dusseldorf sports and is anchored in a variety of sports activities, actions, policies and programs. The state capital has set a clear sign by hosting the Special Olympics in 2014, the world’s largest sports movement for athletes with intellectual and multiple disabilities. Many people were helped to more recognition, confidence and ultimately to more participation in social life by this sporting event. In Dusseldorf inclusion is already functioning in different measures. The plan is to further expand these activities and to create more and more opportunities for common sports. An overview of all Dusseldorf Disabled sports clubs can be found hier.

Paralympic Sports for the Disabled
The German table tennis champion Borussia Dusseldorf is involved in the disability sport for some time and has been appointed as the Paralympic focus on the German Disabled Sports Association in 2013. The planned extension of the German Table Tennis Centre on Staufenplatz also envisages the development of the Paralympic training center. Further information is available here.

Offers for Children and Young People
The Dusseldorf Model of Movement, Sports and Talent Development aims to strengthen the motor skills of the Dusseldorf children with and without impairment or disabilities. The last week of summer holidays in the sports city of Dusseldorf now traditionally belongs to the Olympic Adventure Camp with numerous games, sports and exercise programs for children and young people with and without impairments and disabilities.
More information can be found here.

At the Hulda-Pankok Comprehensive School, a special school of sport, wheelchair sport is part of the joint physical education of disabled and non-disabled students. For the “Rolli-AG” the barrier-free triple-gym is available.
Information for school program is available here.

The Bädergesellschaft Dusseldorf initiated the swimming project “togetherwet”, which was launched in cooperation with the SMS02 – sports club Lebenshilfe Dusseldorf e.V.. The aim is to teach children with mental or physical disability to swim in individual courses. Project information can be found here.

Sport for Refugees

Dusseldorf helps refugees. In addition to the measures for housing and care of refugees, there are numerous ideas and offers for sports in Dusseldorf. Sport brings people together and provides often a welcome distraction for refugees. Through new personal contacts bridges to society can be built. Questions and answers on sports activities for refugees can be found here.

Children and Youth Sport

Dusseldorf model of Movement, Sports and Talent Development
The goal of the Dusseldorf model of Movement, Sports and Talent Development is to strenghen the motor skills of Dusseldorf children. Therefore, movement and sport are of major importance for the physical, mental and spiritual development. Further information about the model and follow-ups can be found here.

Olympic Adventure Camp
Eight days of games, sport, fun, exercise and adventure along the Rhine. The last week in the summer holidays in the sports city of Dusseldorf now traditionally belongs to the Olympic Adventure Camp. A brief overview:

  • Services for children and young people with and without impairments or disabilities:
    • For children from 6 to 12 years of age
    • For teenagers from 13 to 21 years of age
  • Many opportunities for younger siblings
  • No registration needed
  • All offers free of charge

There is more information here.

Movement Kindergartens
The concept for the recognized movement kindergartens was launched by the Sports Federation of NRW and the NRW Youth Sport. In this concept, the educational profile should be enhanced by exercise programs to promote personal development and to counteract physical inactivity and immobility. This should be done in partnership of kindergartens and clubs.

The following recognized movement kindergartens are already available in Dusseldorf.

Talent Center Dusseldorf
The Talent Center Dusseldorf is a project to promote children who are gifted in competitive sports. Since 2009 young sports talents can participate in a club and sports overarching training. There they get to know the diversity of competitive sport in Dusseldorf.

Since 1999, the bus is on the road in Dusseldorf. The Sportactionbus is a mobile youth recreational facility of the City Sports Federation. It is supported by the Youth Welfare Office.

School Sports

School championships – Committee for School Sport
The main tasks of the Committee includes the coordination and management of the country’s sports festival of the schools, the implementation of several national programs and the implementation of further school sporting events in Dusseldorf. Examples include the Jan-Wellem Cup, the day of water sports and skating event of the Dusseldorf primary schools. Further information can be found here.

Team Sports

Grants to Sports Clubs
The sports city of Dusseldorf promotes the activities of it sports clubs in many ways. More than 1.7 million euros are provided for the promotion of children’s, youth, recreational and latitude sport in the clubs every year. Basis is the “guidelines for the provision of subsidies to sports clubs” provided by the Sport Committee of the Council. Club Consulting Dusseldorf sports clubs can rely on the free VIBSS consultancy offer of Sports Federation of NRW. The wide-ranging advisory services help to develop customized individual solutions or to tackle problems. Apply for a consultation or closed meeting or meet with an expert to discuss specific substantive issues (for example insurance, tax law, public relations, etc.). Information and application forms are available here.

Club Consulting
Dusseldorf sports clubs can rely on the free VIBSS consultancy offer of Sports Federation of NRW. The wide-ranging advisory services help to develop customized individual solutions or to tackle problems. Apply for a consultation or closed meeting or meet with an expert to discuss specific substantive issues (for example insurance, tax law, public relations, etc.). Information and application forms are available here.

Sports Room Reservation
The City Sports Federation rents out sports facilities and gyms on the basis of urban usage and charging system on behalf of the city.
Information and application forms are available here.

The City Sports Federation Dusseldorf forms together with the City Sports Federation Duisburg and the District Sports Federation Mettmann the Rhine-Ruhr qualification center. A comprehensive program of education and training ensures high-quality and appropriate offers in club sports. The current course program can be found here.

Sports Clubs and School
Sport and exercise in all-day school is organized by the City Sports Federation. The City Sports Federation is a competent and reliable partner for schools, clubs, coaches and trainers. An overview of services and offers in all-day schools can be found here.