Brand Values
Brand Value: Rousing

„We create compelling experiences in sport“

Dusseldorf is not only the state capital, it is also the City of Sports, where numerous high-profile sporting events take place annually. With more than 80 major sports events like the METRO Group Marathon, the PSD Bank Meeting or the DEL Winter Game and a cumulative attendance of more than one million per year, we create compelling experiences and emotional images for citizens, athletes, tourists as well as for sponsors and the media. Moreover Dusseldorf has the ESPRIT arena, the ISS DOME, the Mitsubishi Electric Hall or the ARAG Center Court on sports venues for hosting sporting excellence. These offer the home for top clubs like DEG, the Fortuna and Borussia Dusseldorf. The focus will be in particular on sports events with high public appeal that should characterize the brand image Dusseldorf among its citizens, in the region, in Germany and abroad as a city of sport.

Brand Value: Committed

„We are jointly committed to our sport“

Citizens are not only the emotional face of the city, they are also the backbone of mass sport. Dusseldorf has the most active population of all German cities – 85 % describe themselves as active in sports and exercise. In just the last five years the number of members has risen in the Dusseldorf sports club by more than 25%, among children and youth, the increase was even 40%. Through their involvement in Dusseldorf sports, at large events like the METRO Group Marathon or in domestic sports club, we will shape and create the future of sport in the Rhine metropolis. The Sports City of Dusseldorf is a competent sparring partner for clubs and allows diverse options for sporting and volunteer engagement by providing 150 sports facilities and 200 gymnasiums. The Sports City stands for the revival of volunteering and the encouragement to take on responsibility in the mass sport – whether as a manager of a youth team or as a trainer of a sports project group in school.

Brand Value: Promoting

„We promote performance in elite sport“

The Elite Sport is the flagship of the city of sport. The promotion of domestic top athletes is therefore a central part of our DNA. With around 20 federal and state performance bases of the Olympic Sports and more than 15 sports that are represented in the respective highest or second-highest German leagues, Dusseldorf is rightly a top sports city. Over three million euros flow in financial support and development of the Dusseldorf club and top-level sport annually. The focus is on material and immaterial promotion of Dusseldorf’s top athletes of tomorrow through initiatives such as the Stockheim Team Rio, the Foundation Pro Sport Dusseldorf as well as the combination of sporting and professional career (dual career). With the nationwide unique Dusseldorf model of movement, sports and talent development takes place a comprehensive and systematic review and professional development of all children.

Brand Value: Close to Business

„We combine sport and business in our home“

Sports connect people, companies and ideas in Dusseldorf. We see ourselves as a link. Our mission is to advance the professional and amateur sports by merging different perspectives in Dusseldorf. The Sports City provides the professional platform for mutual exchange and serves as a competent partner and creative director for clubs, athletes, sponsors and the city. The focus is on sports marketing events like the SpoBis – with 1,700 decision-makers from sport and business Europe’s largest sports business congress. Own networking events like SPORT.STADT.BUSINESS integrate managers and promoters of the domestic economy into the sports. The region Dusseldorf Rhine-Ruhr forms with 11.6 million inhabitants (5.6 million employees) the largest economic center in Germany and thus offers an optimal starting point to strengthen the link between sport and economy. In addition, the City of Sports can also score internationally. To this end, for 15 years during the Olympic Games, the Dusseldorf trade fair has run the German House – the meeting place for athletes, politicians and sponsors.

Dusseldorf Congress Sport & Event
Logo Düsseldorf Congress Sport Event

Dusseldorf Congress Sport & Event, a company of the city and Dusseldorf Trade Fair, provides you with one-stop various event venues with more than 100 rooms and a total capacity for more than 130,000 people.

In addition to the CCD Congress Center Dusseldorf, HORISUM and the Station Airport, Dusseldorf Congress Sport & Event markets the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE, the ESPRIT arena, the ISS DOME and the Castello Dusseldorf. Our conference and event locations are technically best equipped and leave no wish unfulfilled.

Whether conventions, concerts, corporate events, annual general meetings or international sports event – with Dusseldorf Congress Sport & Event, one of Europe’s largest providers of venues, you have the right partner.

Düsseldorf Congress Sport Event
Sports City Federation Dusseldorf

The Sports City Federation Dusseldorf (abbreviated SSB) is the community of all sports clubs of the city of Dusseldorf and as a sub-organization of the German Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of the Country North Rhine-Westphalia, a part of sports self-administration of German sport. The SSB was founded in 1946 and now brings together more than 150,000 athletes organized in over 450 member clubs and company sports teams with more than 51,000 children and young people doing sports. It is therefore the local umbrella organization for sports self-administration.

The SSB is politically neutral and pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes. Its organs – General Assembly, Main Committee, Presidium and Sports Youth – work on a voluntary basis.

The SSB serves as a liaison between associations, politics and administration, the interests of clubs. Here, the SSB is a competent sports business support for policy, management and Dusseldorf citizen. In addition, the SSB is the link in between LSB NRW and its clubs.

Stadtsportbund Düsseldorf
Sports Office

The sports scene in Dusseldorf is active and is constantly growing. To maintain this, the state capital supports their sports-loving citizens with attractive offers and promoting measures. These include grants for sports clubs as well as the targeted promotion of competitive sports and upkeep of public sports facilities. In order to inspire children and young people as early as possible for movement, the Dusseldorf-based model of movement, sports and talent development was developed and implemented.

The Sports Department advises on all sporting issues and provides optimal conditions for experiencing and practicing the sport in Dusseldorf.

More information about the tasks and contacts can be found here.

Pools Society

Welcome to the Dusseldorf pools!

The pools of the state capital Dusseldorf – a leisure pool, 8 indoor and 4 outdoor pools – offer people of all ages, the general education schools and swimming clubs a wide range. The public pools are making an important contribution to improving the quality of life of citizens, serve (school) sport purposes and also contribute to health promotion and recreation.

More information on Dusseldorf pools can be found here.

Foundation Pro Sport Dusseldorf
Stiftung Pro Sport Düsseldorf

Success orientation, toughness, discipline, hard training and a high level of self-motivation are necessary in addition to the sporting talent to get to the top in competitive sport. To support young and talented Dusseldorf athletes on their way to top-level sport, the Foundation Pro Sport Dusseldorf was launched in 1996.

The Foundation has set itself the goal of promoting and developing young talents, performance and top-level sport in the state capital. The focus is on individual development of athletes in Olympic and Paralympic sports.

Information on the Foundation Pro Sport Dusseldorf and its activities can be found here.